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VitalSleep Reviews 2023 Update | Uses, Price, Side Effects & More

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Troubled waking up with your snoring or the loud snoring of a person sleeping next to you? Do not allow snoring sounds to disturb your sleep further by investing in a revolutionary anti-snoring device called VitalSleep!

What is VitalSleep?

Vital Sleep is a personalized anti-snoring, mandibular advancement device that can help snorers have a deep, restorative sleep which in turn is critical for overall health and well-being. It is an innovative, patented design similar to a dentist-made oral appliance and is exclusive of the costly doctor or laboratory fees. It is created by one long-time snorer and proudly manufactured in California with all its components being USA-based. In every product pack, users also get a free copy of the e-book named 33 Tips to Reclaim a Good Night’s Sleep.

How does VitalSleep work?

During sleep, the throat muscles relax and partially obstruct the airway between the lungs, nose, and mouth. While one inhales, the air travels over these relaxed muscular tissues and makes them vibrate. This results in a harsh snoring sound. Snoring interferes with normal sleep cycles. As a result, most snorers are often not able to get into the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep which is the restorative sleep necessary to support both brain and body health. Thus, lack of quality sleep can lead to extreme tiredness, chronic exhaustion or fatigue, health issues, and relationship problems.

Using the VitalSleep device, the lower jaw and tongue are moved in the forward direction to open wide the airways, allow unobstructed breathing, and eradicate snoring.

To enjoy the benefits of this anti-snoring mouthguard, users need to follow these steps:

  1. Order the device of the appropriate size
  2. Mold VitalSleep to the natural teeth
  3. Make individualized adjustments to advance the lower jaw
  4. Wear VitalSleep to bed.

Benefits of Using VitalSleep

  • Improves Breathing: To ensure good health and well-being, having well-rested sleep is critical for human beings. With the help of VitalSleep, people who snore while sleeping can breathe quietly and have a good night, restorative sleep.
  • Have Custom Teeth Impressions: VitalSleep is a comfortable and effective stop-snoring device that is placed inside the mouth via an easy boil-and-bite fitting process that helps create personalized teeth impressions.
  • Get Fully-Personalized Adjustments: VitalSleep is the only snoring mouthguard that has a patented Accu-Adjust system advancing the jaw up to 8mm to open the airway. It can be fitted inside the mouth easily as it comes in variable sizes for men and women.
  • Often Recommended by Doctors: VitalSleep is an FDA-approved, BPA and latex-free anti-snoring mouthpiece that has successfully transformed the sleep of hundreds of thousands of snorers worldwide by letting them experience superior-quality sleep for over a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials are used to manufacture the VitalSleep device
VitalSleep device is made up of medical-grade outer plastic material and inner thermoplastic that can be easily softened to mold to one’s teeth. The entire mouthguard is made up of three different materials: Polypropylene (PP), Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and nylon. PP is a thermoplastic polymer that is used for the inner coating of the device while EVA is used to make the outer portion of the device. The adjustable screws are made of nylon. All these materials are made in the US and formulated for medical purposes that require FDA compliance. These have undergone extensive testing that includes sensitivity, toxicology, and biocompatibility assessments.

The device is not composed of latex, BPA, metal, or silicone material.

2. How is VitalSleep Fitted Inside the Mouth?
Unwrap your product and immerse VitalSleep in hot water for 45 seconds. Take out the submerged device and let it cool down for a few seconds. Then, place the device inside the mouth and gently bite it down to create your teeth impressions. If your first attempt is unsuccessful, repeat this procedure to resize the mouthpiece. Rest you can follow the instructions provided on the label of the product.

3. How to Adjust VitalSleep?
VitalSleep is made up of right and left nylon-based, medical-grade screws that can be easily adjusted to move the lower tray of the mouthpiece in a forward or backward direction. There is a separate adjustment tool called the hex tool included with the anti-snoring device. Using the hex tool, the users can make minor, gradual modifications to the device to ensure their comfort. By turning every screw clockwise, the lower jaw can be moved forward and the airway can be opened while anticlockwise rotation of 33 degress and the screw can close the air passage. The hex tool can allow the users to open their mouth up to 25 degrees and forward shift their lower jaw by up to 7mm. With the Accu-Adjust System of VitalSleep, the users can arrange the fitted device accordingly to how loudly they snore. After that, it’s time for them to go to bed.

4. How can I clean VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Device?
You can clean VitalSleep by using your toothpaste and toothbrush or denture tablets. OAP cleaner is the first and sole, all-inclusive best-quality cleaning solution that can be used to truly clean your anti-snoring device and get rid of 99% of bacteria and germs.

5. What Should I do if my VitalSleep Mouth Guard Comes out of my mouth while I am asleep?
The teeth impressions of VitalSleep can help keep the mouthpiece secure inside the mouth. If you are a new user, it will take a few days for you to get accustomed to sleeping with this anti-snoring device inside the mouth. Any mouth guard including VitalSleep can come out of your mouth if you open your mouth very wide. In such a case, you can request a free chin strap that can be used to keep your mouth shut. You can place your request at support@vitalsleep.com.

6. Which Size Should I Order?
VitalSleep device is available in standard sizes for men and women. The standard size of the women’s VitalSleep is approximately 10% smaller than that of the standard men’s size.

The standard size for both genders are as follows:

  • For men: L 1.87″ x W 2.47″ x H 93″
  • For women: L 1.80″ x W 2.28″ x H .86″

7. How Long Can my VitalSleep Last Before I Need to Replace Them?
For most users, VitalSleep lasts for approximately 1-3 years. The device comes with a one-year warranty, so if it starts to show some defect within the first year of purchase, it can be replaced with a new VitalSleep for free. To get a free replacement, contact the manufacturer at support@vitalsleep.com. However, free replacement will not cover the damages caused by pets or the loss of the device.

If you grind your teeth, the durability of VitalSleep may become less for you. Therefore, its recommended to replace your VitalSleep every 12-36 months or soon as you feel that the device is working is not much effective.

8. Will VitalSleep Help me if I Grind my Teeth?
Although VitalSleep is only made to get rid of snoring, some users who even experience bruxism have reported reduced teeth grinding.

9. Is VitalSleep replaceable with C-PAP?
VitalSleep is FDA-cleared to be sold over the counter only to help snorers stop snoring. It should not be considered a replacement for a sleep-apnea machine called C-PAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

10. If I have Retainers or Braces, can I still get VitalSleep Fitted in my Mouth?
Unfortunately, you cannot get VitalSleep fitted properly inside your mouth if you already have braces or retainers.

11. Will VitalSleep Work with Partial Dentures, Crowns, or Traditional Dentures?
To ensure a proper fit of VitalSleep inside the mouth, it is important to have a majority of healthy teeth. The partials or crowns must be secure inside the mouth and be at least one year old. VitalSleep cannot be a proper fit unless the dentures are worn along with the mouthguard. However, wearing both together may be uncomfortable and is usually not recommended.

12. Can I Breathe through my Mouth with VitalSleep?
Yes. If needed, you can easily breathe through your mouth with VitalSleep already there. Mouth breathing is usually required when the snorers experience nasal blockage or congestion.

13. Will my Mouth be Closed Completely with VitalSleep?
VitalSleep is a good fit for the majority of users. However, the entire closing of the mouth may be limited if the teeth impressions are not deep enough or if the user has a small mouth. If the impressions are not sufficiently deep, they can be reheated to obtain deeper impressions.

14. Is VitalSleep an FDA-cleared device?
Yes. VitalSleep is a medical-grade device that is substantially equivalent to a similar legally marketed device that already has FDA approval or clearance. As the device is FDA-approved for reducing snoring, is manufactured under strict GMP standards, and has undergone extensive testing, they are safe for use.

15. Will VitalSleep work if I have a Large Overbite?
No. People having large overbites will not be able to fit VitalSleep inside their mouth, therefore they are not recommended to have them.

16. Where can I Purchase VitalSleep and at What Price?
VitalSleep can be bought at an affordable rate i.e. just $69.95. There is nothing wrong with this quoted price, as honestly the snoring device of this caliber is cost-effective. Additionally, customers are ensured that this price is the cost of the device that will go out of their pocket. The shipping or handling charges are not included in the cost of the product. You can place your order for VitalSleep at its official website and receive the product in a few days at your doorstep. Otherwise, you can speak to a live customer representative through your phone by calling the customer care helpline number and placing your order.

17. What is the shipping policy for my purchased order of VitalSleep?
Your order for VitalSleep will be shipped the same business day if you have placed your order by 1 pm EST on weekdays (Monday-Saturday). Currently, your order is shipped free of cost even if you are residing in an overseas country. It will take 2-4 business days for your order to be delivered to your doorstep if you reside in the USA and 5-20 business days if your order is shipped outside the USA. In the United States, USPS Priority Shipping typically works. Due to Covid-19 mail delays, international orders may take a few more days to be delivered at their destination.

18. Is there a Return and Refund policy on this product?
Yes, the money-back guarantee policy applies to VitalSleep. Try out VitalSleep for 60 nights. If you are not satisfied with its results or your VitalSleep is not properly fitting inside your mouth, you can place a request for a 100% refund of your purchased device and a free return label by visiting www.vitalsleepreturns.com. This policy is uncommon among its rivals.

19. What are the contraindications of using VitalSleep?
VitalSleep is not recommended for use by anyone having central sleep apnea, loose teeth or severe periodontal disease, severe respiratory disorder, temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), and 1-year-old dental implants. Plus, the user must not be under the age of 18 years.

The use of VitalSleep can result in some side effects like shifting of tooth or changes to dental occlusion, gum or tooth soreness, jaw pain or soreness, excessive salivation or drooling at night, and hindrance to breathing through the mouth.

In the beginning, it’s common to expect some discomfort. However, if the users are starting with 1mm jaw movement and then progressively increase their device setting, they can reduce or even prevent discomfort.

20. Can Sleep Apnea be treated with VitalSleep?
VitalSleep is only recommended to be used to reduce snoring unless otherwise directed by a general physician or a dental professional. However, some medical professionals recommend VitalSleep to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Therefore, every user must first consult their medical professional to determine if VitalSleep suits them.

21. How to get customer service on my VitalSleep mouthpiece?
The customer care service phone number is 1-866-753-3780 and the email id is support@vitalsleep.com.

22. Do I have to pay taxes on the purchase of VitalSleep?
No. VitalSleep is a medical device upon which no sales tax is imposed by the government of the United States of America. If your order is placed within the US, you are exempted to pay sales tax but if you are residing in any other country, you are responsible for payment of all or any customs fees, handling fees, or import taxes based on your country’s law.

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This amazing product prevents snoring and achieves improved breathing during the night – Vital Sleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece For Restful Sleep.

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